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About Us

Vibes is a new free platform dedicated to music enthusiasts, to all those who are constantly looking for new music for their ears. Here the words leave room for the songs, the best way to transmit your vibes.

Automatic song sharing By accessing Spotify it will be possible to share in real time with your friends what you are listening to on your account, whether from a smartphone or PC.
Discover new artists and genres The concept of discovery is the basis of Vibes: if the songs listened to by your friends were not enough, we have created a special section full of suggestions.
Create fantastic art works for Instagram Originality on social networks is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Distinguish yourself by creating unique artworks for your Instagram stories.

The Team

Matteo Lobello Founder & Lead Dev Website ↗
Alessio Merello Co-founder LinkedIn ↗
Eduardo Pratti Graphic Designer Twitter ↗
Phil Zet iOS Developer LinkedIn ↗

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